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Professional and financial risks

The professional and financial risk (PFR) product line provides insurance options for professionals , directors, officers and financial institutions who face risk of error resulting in financial, reputational or economic loss. These robust and specialized coverages provide protection for specific professions that other policies or carriers may not insure.

Industry-driven solutions

Risk factors are ever evolving for those that own, operate and work in professional services. Professionals are held to a high standard and are vulnerable to many niche exposures that are not covered within a general liability policy. Our underwriting team is service-oriented, creative and empowered when making underwriting decisions which helps our brokers and insureds secure leading insurance coverage.
  • Professional liability (E&O)

    The professional liability product is designed to protect professionals whose business decisions may lead to errors, omissions, neglect or breach of duty while providing services resulting in third party claims.

  • Management liability (D&O)

    The management liability product is designed to protect an organization’s leadership for damages caused by their decisions that result in harm to the organization's employees, shareholders, community and investors.

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