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Contractors and trades

Coverage designed to address the needs of contractors and trades in the construction industry, including specialty coverage enhancements that go well beyond basic coverage.

Types of businesses

The types of businesses we support with our solutions include, but are not limited to:


Coverage to protect contractors working in various industries, and if applicable, pay claims arising from errors, omissions, or negligent acts


Products designed to comply with relevant professional body regulatory requirements

Building services

Policies designed for residential and commercial building services contractors, including general, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC

Landscape services

Policies designed to cover risks faced by businesses providing landscape and garden architecture

Insurance designed for contractors and trades

Our robust and specialized coverages provide protection for specific professions that other policies or carriers may not insure in the event of financial, reputational or economic loss.

Management liability (D&O)

The management liability product is designed to protect an organization’s leadership for damages caused by their decisions that result in harm to the organization's employees, shareholders, community and investors.

Commercial general liability

Commercial general liability insurance protects businesses from legal liability with comprehensive coverage crafted to meet the specific needs of an array of businesses.

Umbrella and excess liability

Excess and umbrella liability insurance provides an additional layer of protection over primary insurance coverage and can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses of any size or complexity.

Professional liability (E&O)

The professional liability product is designed to protect professionals whose business decisions may lead to errors, omissions, neglect or breach of duty while providing services resulting in third party claims.

Contractors pollution liability

The CPL product is designed to protect contractors from third party claims alleging exposure to various environmental hazards as a result of contracting operations.

Why is insurance for contractors and trades important?

Operating in an industry subject to heavy regulation, it’s crucial for contractors and trades to choose the right level of expert insurance. Specific professions may need specialized coverages that other policies may not insure to provide protection in the event of financial, reputational, or economic loss.

Additional resources

  • Appetite Explorer

    Markel Canada's easy-to-use appetite tool enables brokers to quickly determine the level of mutual fit for a risk profile.

  • Broker resources

    Find more information catered to brokers by accessing applications or viewing technical documents related to our products or services.

  • Claims

    While businesses and individuals may attempt to avoid a loss, claims do occur and must be dealt with fairly and quickly to ensure that any disruption to our policyholders’ businesses and lives is kept to a minimum.

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