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Environmental liability

Specialty pollution coverage options can provide protection in this dynamic area of commercial liability, where general liability coverage can lack protection against environmental exposures. It is easier than ever before to tailor a pollution cover to the individual needs of your client.

Industry-driven solutions

Even if you haven’t recommended pollution cover to a client in the past, it makes sense to re-examine the pollution exposures of your client on a regular basis. In spite of sweeping regulatory and legal changes, pollution insurance has become a lot more affordable, bringing this important protection within the reach of most businesses.

  • Contractors pollution liability

    The CPL product is designed to protect contractors from third party claims alleging exposure to various environmental hazards as a result of contracting operations.

  • Premises pollution liability

    The PPL product is designed to protect business owners owning property or operating where environmental hazards may exist from first and third party claims.

  • Environmental professional liability

    Professional liability insurance provides coverage for claims made as a result of their negligent acts, errors or omissions in their performance of services to third parties.

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