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We're big on business across a range of industries.

Architects and engineers

Provides broad cover for your client, to protect them and if applicable, pay for claims arising out of their errors, omissions or negligent acts for design and build operations.

Contractors and trades

Coverage designed to address the needs of contractors and trades in the construction industry, including specialty coverage enhancements that go well beyond basic coverage.


Comprehensive insurance coverage designed for the unique challenges faced by businesses and professionals operating in the environmental space.

Financial services

Broad underwriting appetite tailored for the unique needs of financial institutions and the financial technology industry.

Manufacturing and distribution

Coverage crafted to address the particular challenges faced by the manufacturing, distribution and retail industry, including available coverage extensions tailored to businesses that manufacture or sell products.


Designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations with office risks as well as risks dealing directly with children or vulnerable adults.

Professional services

Coverage crafted to meet the needs of businesses that provide business, personal or professional services to others.

Security and protection

Custom designed coverage to protect businesses that provide security and protection services. Specialty coverage enhancements are available, including failure to perform, professional services liability and more. 

Social and care organizations

Coverage designed to protect organizations who provide support and care services to those in need.

Sport, recreation and fitness

Comprehensive coverage for health and exercise clubs, amateur sports teams and leagues (NSOs & PSOs), sport camps, racket sport clubs, sports and athletic arenas, and tournaments.

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